Junichi Kanebako


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Sympathetic Wear


素材:ウール, PC, タブレット, 形状記憶合金ワイヤー, 制御基板, レジン

Material: wool, PC, tablet, shape memory alloy wire, control board, resin

我々が開発したアクチュエーター「expanding leaf」は、形状記憶合金のワイヤーを特殊なデザインで配置することで3Dプリントした樹脂を歪ませ圧覚を作り出すことができます。この作品では、植物の持つ生命感を背中を優しく撫でる感触やポンポンと叩く感触として感じることができます。

Sympathetic Wear is an artwork that supplements communication through digital displays and considers the person on the other side of the network. When we are sad or in pain, the action of having our backs rubbed can provide comfort. Adopting the back as our theme, we wanted to bring gentle healing to people’s minds and bodies by creating a soft tactile sensation on the back that is invisible on screen.
The actuator we developed, “expanding leaf,” can create the sensation of pressure by causing a 3D-printed resin leaf to bend through the placement of shape memory alloy wire in a unique design. In this work, one can feel the vitality of plants in the form of a gentle caress and light patting on the back.
As we sit continually facing the screen, we human beings can feel as if we had become a plant with roots growing into the chair. The transformation of human beings from animals into plants is reflected in this work as an image of a tree rooted in the earth. The threads used in the work are perceived as the fibers contained in plants, and by assembling each one by hand we were able to achieve an organic work affording a sense of vitality and warmth.
We hope to bring greater tenderness to our daily lives by deepening the relationships between us, expressing feelings of closeness, compassion and encouragement through the human back.

Co-produced by
Junichi Kanebako, Kobe Design University, Japan
Naoya Watabe, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan
Miki Yamamura, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan
Haruki Nakamura, Sannane G.K, Japan
Keisuke Shuto, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan
Hiroko Uchiyama, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan

Photo Credits: Shun Arima